Issue 43, Dec 2014

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1) A Different Kind of Tour: Derry (Reel News) 22:36

Veterans for Peace who served in the North of Ireland meet Bloody Sunday relatives who are still fighting for justice.

2) St. Mungo’s strike (Reel News) 10:51

Hugely significant victory for housing workers in London with sustained strike action.

3) Biofuels: GIB’s birthday (Reel News) 3:55

Protest at the Green Investment Bank’s 2nd birthday celebrations.

4) Blacklisting: Laing O’Rourkes (Reel News) 6:35

Laing O’Rourkes’ thugs assault construction workers taking peaceful direct action.

5) Blacklisting: High Court (Reel News) 9:31

Start of the High Court trial of construction companies for conspiracy to blacklist.

6) Poor Doors Protest (Reel News) 7:31

Activists fight social segregation in East London.

7) Kobane demo (Reel News) 9:45

Huge solidarity demo in London with the Kurdish resistance fighting ISIS in Kobane.

8) Boycott Workfare (Reel News) 2:50

Urban Futures is occupied over their treatment of claimants on enforced jobsearch.

9) Remembrance Day (Reel News) 7:39

Veterans for Peace march to the Cenotaph carrying a banner saying “Never Again”.

10) The Hive (Reel News) 6:28

A hub in Portugal for sustainable education based on permaculture principles.

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