National Blacklisting Day of Action sends shockwaves through the building industry

Film length: 15:32

Demonstrations and civil disobedience across the UK in the first ever national day of action over blacklisting – called by the TUC but organised and built by the Blacklist Support Group – culminate in a blockade outside the Houses of Parliament.

There is now a huge clamour for a public enquiry into this human rights abuse, where building companies deny employment to trade unionists raising health and safety concerns. The result: 2,800 building workers dead on UK building sites over the past 25 years, and 3,214 building workers whose lives have been ruined through being on an illegal blacklist – some of whom have been driven to suicide.

Those responsible for these criminal acts will be getting worried now as they see how huge this campaign is becoming. Blacklisted workers have already rejected an insulting compensation scheme from the building companies – a pathetic and desperate attempt to settle out of court before the start of the high court conspiracy trial next week.


Next protest: Friday November 29, 9am, outside the High Court in the Strand when the trial starts.