EDL humiliated in Brighton (again..)

The annual ‘March for England’ in Brighton turned out to be an even bigger disaster for its organisers and supporters than last year. The event which is a thinly veiled EDL gathering attracted around 100 assorted racists and fascists, (less than in 2012) who had to be protected by hundreds of police.

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1,000 local people and antifascists subjected the racists to a traditional Brighton welcome from the moment they arrived. EDL supporters who were stupid enough to try and drink in the town centre before the event were harassed and attacked. Some had to be protected by police after fleeing into a betting shop while others were escorted by mounted police into their protest area for their own safety. Those that strayed outside did so at their own peril.

When their event finally started the ‘March for England’ saw the dregs of the EDL and its splinter groups trudge silently along two hundred yards of sea front that had been cordoned off with metal barriers and protected by riot police, dogs and horses. Along the route hundreds of antifascists jeered and danced to a sound system provided by the English Disco Lovers. Despite spending thousands of pounds of local tax payers money East Sussex Police failed to protect the EDL or control Anti fascists who had the upper hand for most of the day.

Photos by Guy Smallman

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