Issue 31, Feb 2012

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1. Balfour Beaten! (Reel News) 17:02

Historic victory for the rank and file sparks in the most important industrial dispute for 25 years.

2. Blacklisted – new 2012 version (Reel News) 21:50

As the sparks go on the offensive, this will be one of the main demands – an end to the illegal blacklisting of building workers for trade union activities.

3. CHICAGO Schools: Shut down at the CPS Board meeting (Labor Beat) 22:50

Campaign to save community schools.

4. Banner Theatre: Fighting the Cuts! (Reel News/Banner Theatre) 8:00

An extract from their latest inspiring show. Banner’s existence itself is under threat from cuts, please help them out!

5. Jet Tanker Drivers Dispute (Reel News) 3:45

Strike over a 20% pay cut from a firm making $3.2 billion cuts.

6. BULGARIA Fracking Victory! (Climate Action Network Bulgaria) 9:00

Huge demos in Bulgaria force the Government to ban the dangerous process of fracking.

7. MEXICO Arte Urbano (Reel News/The Treatment Rooms) 23:10

The Treatment Rooms work with excluded youth in Mexico City to make a beautiful ceramic mosaic.

8. MEXICO Zapatistas: March for Peace (Alaghorn Films) 10:00

The Zapatistas march against Calderon’s drug war.