Issue 30, Dec 2011

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1. Sparks 1: Kings X (Reel News) 11:45

In the battle to stop a 35% pay cut and the tearing up of national agreements, sparks block roads and occupy Kings Cross station.

2. Liverpool: Fighting gentrification (Reel News) 10:04

The residents of Granby, Toxteth have come up with a novel way to stop their homes being sold off.

3. Sparks 2: London protests increase, power station walk out (Reel News) 12:50

Sparks walk out on unofficial strike at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, while the London protests get more militant.

4. Sparks 3: Rank and File Sparks & Occupy LSX unite (Reel News) 9:44

The two most significant movements in the country unite to shut down a Balfour Beatty site.

5. FOSBR: Unite the City! (Reel News) 6:20

Having won extra funding for Bristol railways, FOSBR are now campaigning to improve the service even more.

6. Sparks 4: National Day of Action (Reel News) 12:29

Mass pickets, direct action and occupations as the sparks run the police ragged all over London.

7. November 30 (Reel News) 8:00

Millions of workers take action over pensions in the largest UK strike for 85 years.

8. Sparks 5: UK wide unofficial strike (Reel News) 10:00

Who needs a ballot? Sparks defy the law to pull off the most important unofficial strike in decades.

9. Argentinazo: Comienza la Revolucion (Ojo Obrero) 16:36

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Argentinian uprising when the economy and the banks collapsed, this brilliant film of the events of 19/20 December 2001 – rarely seen in this country.