Issue 21, December 2009

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1: Bolivia is Not For Sale (Various) 35:06

On the 10th anniversary of Seattle, a look back at the high point of the anti-capitalist movement so far: the astounding social movements of Bolivia, who brought down governments and defeated privatisation through general strikes, roadblocks and mass direct action by a quarter of the population.
2: Trade Union Delegation to Palestine (Dave Watson, Reel News) 33:22
Trade unionists from the PCS and NUT on a very moving visit which proves that the two state solution is impossible.
3: Postal Workers Strike (Reel News) 14:22
Postal workers walk out to defend our postal service and their jobs, as Crozier and Mandelson try to finish the job they started in 2007.
4: Glastonbury 2009: Trash City (Reel News) 8:00
Not the Glastonbury you see on the telly, the Mutoid Waste Company put on a dazzling show in their own inimitable style.
5: Imagine a Garden (Schmovies) 15:00
A disused petrol station in Brighton is turned into a vibrant garden for the community – guerilla gardening at its best!