Issue 14, June 2008

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1: Public Sector Pay Freeze (Reel News) 16:00

PCS, NUT and UCU members all take strike action together against Brown’s public sector pay freeze. Views from the picket lines, a solidarity performance from Billy Bragg and a brilliant march and rally in London.
2: London Welcomes George Bush (Jason Parkinson) 9:18
A Stop the War demonstration against Bush is marred by an unprovoked attack by police using metal batons against peaceful protestors – mysteriously absent from the corporate media coverage.
3: India: Earth Worm, Company Man (extract) (Samarendra & Amarendra Das) 23:39
The incredible story of the social movements in India stopping mining companies from plundering their natural resources and throwing them off their land.
4: Haringey Independence Day (Reel News) 12:18
Community activists in North London join together in a great initiative to broaden and deepen existing networks.
5: Stop Airport Expansion Demo (Reel News) 12:37
The latest salvo in an increasingly confident campaign that is looking capable of a famous victory, as a demonstration at Heathrow culminates in the formation of a giant human “NO”.
6: Ilan Pappe on Palestine (Ed Hill) 14:45
We don’t usually show a speech on its own, but this is an exception – a brilliant, hard hitting analysis of Palestine by the Israeli author of “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.
7: Conflict: Carlo Giuliani (Conflict/Guy Smallman/Reel News) 5:16
Conflict’s furious response to the murder of Carlo by Italian police at the G8 protests in Italy in 2001 This is also the first ever AVCD produced in Britain.