Issue 7, May 2007

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1: Workers Memorial Day (Reel News) 13:40

More people are killed in incidents at work than they are in wars. On the annual Workers Memorial Day march, families speak out over the lack of justice and the lack of a corporate manslaughter law – PLUS the Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group’s campaign.
2: Mayday 1: PCS strike (Reel News) 12:43
The latest stage in the PCS’s campaign to stop 100,000 job losses and attacks on pay and conditions, as the strike on Mayday and lead the annual International Workers Day march…
3: Mayday 2: Spacejackers (Oscar Beard) 5:10
…meanwhile, the Spacejackers descend on Canary Wharf in an attempt to bring the spirit of Mayday to the City.
4: 2,000 Demos (Reel News) 9:35
Mark Thomas’s attempt to make the SOCPA laws unworkable reaches new heights as 100 people stage 20 individual demos each in one day, giving the police 2,000 pieces of paperwork to do …
5: No Advertising Day (Reel News) 3:30
The people of Manchester wake up one day to find all the advertising hoardings have disappeared. Who’s behind this mystery??
6: G8 2003: Evian (Reel News) 12:12
A look back to Evian in 2003. The G8 meet in a seemingly impregnable fortress, but are outwitted by mass direct action blocking all the bridges to the summit.
7: Conflict: ‘No Power’ Videos (Conflict/Reel News) 7:50
Previously unreleased collaboration with one of the most uncompromising punk bands ever – the videos for ‘No Power Without Control’ and ‘From St. Pauls to Seattle’.
8: Wrong Lane Jane (No Budget Films) 5:39
Powerful antiwar poems from Brixton’s very own Wrong Lane Jane.
9: Stop Deportations to D.R.Congo (Oscar Beard) 5:05
Protestors stage a demonstration outside the embassy.
10: Save Sadiq! (Reel News) 12:28
Everyone is appalled at what’s happening in Darfur – so why are the UK government determined to send opponents of the regime like Sadiq back to certain death?