Issue 6, April 2007

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1: Stop Trident 1: Aldermaston (Reel News) 14:48

Easter weekend: activists gather at the nuclear base and succeed in shutting it down for the day. Includes interviews with women from the peace camp and veterans who remember the first demo in 1958.
2: Stop Trident 2: Faslane (Bristol activists) 10:24
Another nuclear facility shut down, this time as medical professionals from Bristol join the year of daily protests at Faslane in Scotland.
3: PCS dispute: MoD strike (Reel News) 9:46
Yet another military shut down for the day at Leconsfield near Hull, but this time by the workers themselves. PCS members strike over pay and privatisation in a brilliant display of militancy.
4: Manchester: Fujitsu strike (Reel News) 9:08
Fujitsu workers have been striking over their conditions all year. We visit them as they approach the point of winning their dispute.
5: Fluffy against the war (No Budget Films) 1:42
Another poem from Fluffy Smiff.
6: Mayo: Policing the pollution (extract) (Oscar Beard) 18:20
Shell are building an oil refinery off the coast of Mayo in Ireland, which is contaminating the drinking water with deadly amounts of aluminium. The local people are mounting a brave rearguard action against them.
7: How Cuba survived peak oil (Community Solution) 20:04
This is a shortened version of the film showing what Cuba did when the Russian oil supply halved overnight as a result of the fall of the Stalinist states. An uplifting tale showing that life could be better without oil.
8: G8 2005: Gleneagles (Reel News) 10:51
As the build up to this year’s G8 protests starts, this is what happened at the G8 protests in Scotland in 2005 – featuring a great cameo from the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army.
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