Issue 5, March 2007

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1: Oaxaca 1: Teachers’ History (Corrugated Films) 10:07

The teachers in Mexico have traditionally been the most militant group of workers – like the UK miners. This film charts their history from the start of the last century up to Oaxaca in 2006.

2: Oaxaca 2: Uprising! (Mexican activists/Reel News) 13:23

Started by the teachers and developing into an entire community declaring autonomy, seizing city hall and tv and radio stations. White hot footage from people’s assembly of Oaxaca and Indymedia Oaxaca.

3: Coca Cola in Kerala (Independent Media Society) 6:38

An extract from a film showing the threat Coca-Cola posed to people’s livelihoods and the water supply in Kerala.

4: ESOL students speak out (Reel News) 9:55

As plans to slash teaching of English as a Second Language are unveiled, students at Lambeth College explain how vital these courses are for them.

5: Voluntary Sector Under Threat (Reel News) 10:44

More cuts in Lambeth, as pensioners, health service users and day centre users storm a council meeting in fury at their services being slashed.

6: Save Whipps X Hospital (Reel News) 8:23

Whipps X Hospital in North London is under threat of closure. A powerful coalition of local people has built up to fight back.

7: Fluffy Smiff (No Budget Films) 1:52

Another poem from Fluffy.

8: Genova Libera (2001, various inc. Reel News) 33:26

The full story of the G8 protests in Italy – the most infamous European anti-capitalist protests ever. The Italian state, supported by Bush and Blair, resorts to heavy violence to shut down the anti-capitalist movement – and fails.