Issue 4, February 2007

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1: PCS strike (Reel News) 20:00

PCS members take strike action over 100,000 job losses and attacks on wages and condtions. Views from the picket lines, march and rally, as well as the build up to the strike.
2: Argentina: Tube Workers Fight for a 6 Hour Day (Grupo Alavio) 19:40
One of the most militant group of workers in Argentina, the Buenos Aires tube workers demanded a 6 hour day on the same wages and conditions as for an 8 hour day – and won.
3: Burberry Moves to China (Reel News) 4:19
Burberry want their clothes to be made in sweatshops in China. No Sweat and the GMB try to stop them.
4: Stop the Deaths In Women’s Prisons! (Reel News) 19:40
Pauline Campbell is fighting a courageous campaign of direct action to stop the growing deaths in women’s prisons – this time she is outside Styal prison after the needless death of a mother of 5 children.
5: Guantanamo Vigil and Protest (Oscar Beard) 4:50
Amnesty’s moving protest against Guantanamo bay outside the U.S. embassy.
6: G8, Scotland 2005: Faslane (Reel News) 6:20
The nuclear facility is shut down for the day during the G8 protests.
7: Fluffy and her Fairies (No Budget Films) 7:24
More of Fluffy’s poems.
8: Reclaim Love 2006 (Euan, Rikki and Venus) 6:30
The annual Reclaim Love event – or how to bring Central London to a a standstill and get the police to smile at the same time!
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